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Dorian, aka coffeesister, here..
I believe in truth to self, I’ve survived a lot yet am determined to thrive, I know we all have something valuable to offer, I see beauty in our damage for we are all damaged, I’m a spoonie* who refuses to let being chronically ill define me, and I can attest that coffee is a health drink.

I’m Dorian.
Named for my mum’s maiden name and middle name, Dorey + Ann, my name’s an Oscar Wilde character as well. As I’m literary and defy convention, how appropriate!? I’m also fiercely family-oriented, chosen family in particular. ^_^
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I’m a spoonie.
I’m fighting autoimmune dysfunction, chronic pain including a daily headache with Migraine and Fibromyalgia. The Endometriosis I’ve had since puberty nearly ended me, resulting in a Colectomy and full Hysterectomy. O_o
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I’m uniquely me.
I’m a dichotomy; an alcoholic who drinks moderately, a believer who questions everything, an extrovert who’s also a loner, a dependent rebel, an optimistic realist, and so much more (or less). ~_^
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I’m a furbaby mum.
I love animals of every sort and am made better through my interactions with them. No home is complete without a couple furbabies and my soul would be incomplete without my two kittehs. =^@.@^=
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I’m a coffeesister.
The first book I fell in love with, Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein, explains sharing water in any form can be symbolic of a willingness to connect. As coffee – or tea – is the best use of water, I consider it tangible friendship… (|_|*ch33rs*|_|)
I’m social.
“To flatter and follow others, without being flattered and followed in turn, is a state of half enjoyment.” — Jane Austen
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*The term “spoonie” is derived from Christine Miserandino’s analogy of what it’s like to live with sickness or disability, The Spoon Theory.

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