My Shadow

I've been preoccupied; hell, even downright busy!? With company like this tho', how could I possibly give a damn?! If there's anything to be concerned about, it's cuteness overload. There's a whose-a-what not done & the which-teh-evers waiting.. Yeah, but have you seen my Shadow? =^@.@^=

A Bit of the Mountains

My mum’s in the mountains with Granddad just now and, though it’s incredibly hard not to be with them, a small ziplock bag makes me feel closer to them. Sometime back – no doubt Momma’s last visit to see her Dad – she sent me a care package, including this surprise ziplock from Granddad. He was purposely sending me a bit of Camp Nelson, the closest thing I had to home growing up and a tangible connection to him – the closest thing I had to a dad. Nostalgic at a glance with its wee pinecone and selection of acorns, unzipping this seemingly simple bag transports me as he included Bear Clover* in it.. This fragrant plant is also known as “Mountain Misery” yet one whiff leaves me anything but miserable. Nothing quite smells like Bear Clover; it smells like the mountains!

A peek into my drawer of necessary things:
This one is from Granddad!
ziplock bag with its post-it note and too much reflection
A closer look with too much reflection

*Bear Clover is a plant that grows in abundance in the Sierra Nevada mountains, known as a sort of ‘catnip’ for bears.